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Welcome Yoshihiro Yamagishi: New World Bamboo Ambassador

Please welcome Yoshihiro Yamagishi as a World Bamboo Ambassador for WBO. Mr. Yamagishi is the president of a Japanese bamboo product company, called Taketora. Founded in 1894, the company has been specializing in tiger bamboo crafts for 124 years! He is the fourth generation of this family business, which is the sole business trading in this unique form of bamboo. This bamboo has spots & stripes that give it a "tiger" appearance, and grows only in one region of the country, his hometown Awa, part of Susaki city, in Kochi prefecture. To raise awareness about the vast potentials of bamboo, beyond the simple beauty and utilization, Yoshihiro works tirelessly to market tiger bamboo as a symbol with far-reaching applications. Take a look at his diary, and follow him on social media. You can reach out to him via email,