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The Bamboo Academic Management Scholarship for Bamboo Studies

We are pleased to announce that the owners of Bamcore (Hal Hinkle), Bamboo Living (David Sands), BamBike (Bryan Benitez McClelland), and TieBam (Jason Avraham) have come together to provide a full scholarship to a selected qualified applicant accepted into the inaugural 2019 Masters in Bamboo Studies program at the University of British Columbia. The scholarship will cover the full tuition fee, as well as a monthly stipend to be used towards the cost of living. 

The Bamboo Academic Scholarship is open to all who apply. However, strong priority will be given to an attendee or a referral of an attendee at the 2018 World Bamboo Congress in Xalapa, Mexico.

The purpose of the Bamboo Academic Management Scholarship is to support a talented and ambitious student with aspirations to contribute to the bamboo industry. It is meant to ensure that opportunities are available for those entering the new academic field of bamboo studies, and to encourage other organizations to provide assistance to the next generation of bamboo researchers, business leaders, and environmental advocates.
It is the hope of Bamcore, Bamboo Living, BamBike and TieBam that educational opportunities in the field of bamboo studies will continue to increase, promoting the responsible use of bamboo in a sustainable future. The sponsors believe that the more prospects available for stu-dents to pursue the various aspects of the bamboo sector, the more it will benefit the industry as a whole.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter explaining their academic and vocational in-terests as related to bamboo, transcripts, and if necessary, proof of English language fluency. Good luck!
For more information please contact and stay tuned to for occasional updates.