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WBO Partner Spotlight: Cariloha

The world of retail is growing constantly with new trends and designs all influenced by new ideas and modern lifestyle. Cariloha is a retail chain store that has been around since 2008, when they opened their first three stores in Mexico and the Caribbean. Their goal is to provide bamboo products, mostly clothing and other textiles, that are influenced by both Caribbean and Hawaii lifestyles. In fact, their name is a combination between ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Aloha’.


WBO Partner Spotlight: NooTrees

Bamboo textiles, pulp and paper play a major role in the industrialized bamboo sectors. This month World Bamboo Organization Partners & Projects focuses on two partners that are contributing to the bamboo industry in these expanding sectors: NooTrees and Cariloha.


WBO Partner Spotlight! Company Culture at Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo is an American company based in Southern California that manufactures sustainable materials for high quality building projects. Their main product is bamboo. They have begun implementing other materials, including cork, eucalyptus, and recycled/reclaimed decking, but we’ll turn our focus to the bamboo aspect of this company.


Partners and Project News at WBO

World Bamboo Organization recently began working with three skilled interns! Lluvia Castaneda, Michaela Humby, and Scott Funke. Welcome to all three of you! We are very pleased to have your help.