Keeping Bamboo Strong

WBO: Keeping Bamboo Strong.

The World Bamboo Organization is a diverse group consisting of individual people, commercial businesses, non-profit associations, institutions, and allied trade corporations that all share a common interest = BAMBOO. The purpose of the WBO is to improve and promote this common interest, as well as the conditions affecting, and the industry surrounding, this common interest. We are dedicated to promoting the use of bamboo and bamboo products for the sake of the environment and economy.

Bamboo is Growing.

To coincide with the upcoming 11th World Bamboo Congress in Xalapa, Mexico, World Bamboo is proud to announce it's "Bamboo is Growing" campaign. Special thanks to Oscar Heju for his beautiful footage taken at The World Bamboo Workshop last year and putting together this video.


Handcrafted Bamboo Home Products

For 25 years James Wolf has devoted his talents to designing high quality and useful products from bamboo for for B2B and custom clients around the world. Boohugger is the latest collection of bamboo products available for direct to customer sales.


11th World Bamboo Congress 2018

Join us August 14-18, 2018 for the 11th World Bamboo Congress. This global event will take place in the beautiful city of Xalapa, in the state of Veracruz. The host of the 11th WBC is the Bambúes y Forestales de México.


Booming Bamboo

You can weave it, laminate it, spin it into fabric, even 3D print it. Bamboo is one of the most versatile materials in the world, yet it is still relatively unknown in world of design. The first book of its kind, Booming Bamboo, written by Dr Pablo van der Lugt and published by Materia, explores the most innovative applications for this material.


WBO Partner Spotlight: The Slammer Tool Company

There is a common belief that bamboo is an invasive, troublesome weed. THE SLAMMER TOOL educates and demonstrates to people and organizations the positive side of bamboo, i.e., how to make it work for you instead of it becoming a problem entity. Education and the proper tools can turn things from the potentially bad outcome(s) to good.


Bamboo and Humanity

As the communities in Mexico clean up the rubble, bury the dead, repair the homes, and count their blessings, the islands of the Caribbean do the same. Thousands, if not millions, around the world seek safe shelter, either temporary or permanent. Refugees who will never return to their dangerous homelands, or those exposed by natural disasters


PARQUEBAMBU in the Amazon rainforest of Peru

The goal of this project is to implement a playground with bamboo, natural, and recycled materials in the Primary School of Jerusalén de Miñaro, that will benefit over 200 children of the community. The project also aims to promote the potentialities and uses of bamboo in architecture and construction. The playground will be the result of a construction and architecture workshop involving local and international students, architects, carpenters, and artisans. Professional bamboo workers will give lectures


11th World Bamboo Congress to be held in Mexico, 2018

Every three years, the World Bamboo Organization (WBO) organizes the World Bamboo Congress for the public dissemination of the most current scientific and field research information available worldwide. The 11th WBC will be in the city of Xalapa in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, hosted by Bambues y Forestales de Mexico, A.C. in August 2018.