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Welcome Avery Chua - New World Bamboo Ambassador!


At the 11th WBC in Mexico, I was so happy to meet Mr. Avery Chua, the CEO of dassoUSA. He was invited as a keynote to give the presentation: dasso Innovation: Bamboo manufacturing technique span over 25 years (1993 – 2018). 

I first heard the name dasso in 1992, from World Bamboo Pioneer Charley Younge. Charley was one of the first "westerners" in the bamboo flooring business, and he was working with dasso to bring manufactured bamboo flooring to Europe. 

Avery is a Malaysian living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Before this, Avery lived in China for 17 years.  He speaks several languages and dialects including English, Malay and Mandarin.  He is a forester by academic training and a wood/bamboo industrialist by profession.  Avery has extensive experience in the wood-based panel & related industries, through working in wood technologies and factory planting teams.  He participated in pioneering and building of 2 MDF (medium-density fiberboard) plants; 1 glue factory for MDF; a wood-coating factory and several bamboo production plants.  This experience of working across various fields like wood and bamboo fiber, glue and coatings enriched his technical skill.  Avery Chua holds a degree in Bachelor Science of Forestry, with a major in forest resource management from Agricultural University of Malaysia.  He joined dasso in 2005 and is presently the CEO of dassoUSA. 

His presentation at the 11WBC was very well-received, and his friendly personality led to many new friendships. Since meeting him 8 weeks ago, he has reached out to me, wanting to help WBO grow. He has some great ideas! One of the hottest new bamboo products in the USA (and around the world) is exterior bamboo deckingdasso's XTR.  I know; my new terrace is made of it! Avery knows a great deal about bamboo, about innovation, and how to bring bamboo into mainstream thinking! I know he will be a great fit as a World Bamboo Ambassador. Welcome, Avery