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Amazon Bamboo Workshop

November 1-4, 2018 in Tampopata, Peru. This is an amazing opportunity for a truly exotic experience within the rainforest of the Amazon. Hosted by the Amazon Yoga Centre, our friend Vanessa Frias invites you to come learn about building sustainably, and much more.


Bamboo Women Unite! ¡Mujeres de bambú se unen!

In Mexico, we aim to motivate the local women, who live in one of the regions with the highest gender inequality in the country, by showing successful examples of bamboo cultivation and utilization, to give them hope, a new opportunity and to raise their standard of living = to give these women tools for their personal and economic growth. ¡Mujeres de bambú se unen!


Third Mexican Bamboo Congress in Huatusco!

8 - 12 March, 2016 in Veracruz State. Please plan now to attend this conference! The theme and presentations will focus on bamboo innovation, the potential of sustainability, the exponential development of industry and business benefits around bamboo for society and the environment.


World Bamboo Fair Sep 17 - Oct 31, 2015

The city of Damyang, Korea will host the “World Bamboo Fair 2015” for an entire month, from September 17 – October 31, 2015. This exposition will show ways to improve the value of bamboo on an international level under the slogan “Bamboo for a Greener Future”.


World Bamboo Design Competition Winners Announced!

In September, the World Bamboo Fair Damyang Korea 2015 Organizing Committee and the World Bamboo Organization launched ‘The World Bamboo Design Competition’, supported by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion, the Korea Forest Service, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.