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Masatoshi Watanabe, Japan

Masatoshi Watanabe graduated from the Kyoto College of Foreign Languages in 1955. He achieved qualification as Forestry Specialist by the Forestry Agency of the Japan Government ten years later and in 1986 received a Doctorate degree from National Kyushu University. His thesis title, “Basic studies on the management of bamboo forests based on ecological characteristics.” His central interest and specialty focus became bamboo forest ecology, silviculture and management. Watanabe served as a technical official at Kyoto University from 1953-1991, and was the loyal assistant of Dr. Koichiro Ueda for 38 years. The World Bamboo Organization honored Dr. Ueda as the first Bamboo Pioneer at the 8th World Bamboo Congress, Bangkok in 2009, and subsequently honors Dr. Watanabe at this 9th WBC with the Ueda Lecture.

Since retiring from Kyoto University in 1991 to the present, Dr. Watanabe continues working as a specialist in the Japan Bamboo Society, as well as a specialist for the Rakusai Bamboo Park in Kyoto, lecturer for the Japanese government Forestry Agency, and since 2005 serves as Secretary General to the Japan Bamboo Association.

His international career included several fascinating opportunities. From 1970 – 1972, he was dispatched by the Japanese government to Thailand for technical cooperation as a bamboo expert, to Indonesia as a forestry expert in 1994 and 1995, to Chile as bamboo expert in 1996, and back again to Indonesia in 1997 as a bamboo expert. In November of 1992, Watanabe hosted a group of visitors from the American and European bamboo societies during the Third International Bamboo Congress. He generously guided and eagerly toured with this intrepid group of foreigners, crossing the bamboo bridge in friendship and spirit. He has continuously crossed over that bamboo bridge as researcher and scientist, participating as a speaker in the 7th World Bamboo Congress in Delhi, India in 2004 and attended the 8th World Bamboo Congress in Bangkok in 2009.

He has been a prolific writer, and has authored more than 150 papers. Those published in English, include: Masatoshi, WATANABE & Prasarn BARMNGRASD:On the research works of bamboo forest in Thailand. 3rd Nat. Forestry Conf., Thailand 1970

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We welcome him here today in Belgium for the 9th World Bamboo Congress as he presents the WBO Ueda Lecture, and honor him proudly as a recipient of the WBO Bamboo Pioneer Award.