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Wenyu Hsiung passed away 26 August, 2014

Read more about Professor Wenyu Hsiung here.

From Susanne Lucas, Executive Director of the World Bamboo Organization, and on behalf of the entire global bamboo community and the family of bamboo scientists, we send our sincere condolences to Professor Hsiung’s family.

He was a true bamboo pioneer. Professor Hsiung’s passion and commitment to advancing the role of bamboo research in China led to many extremely important revelations and fueled young students’ to pursue careers involving new discoveries in the field of bamboo plantation management. His early work was a pivoting point that led to innovations which brought great progress to China’s bamboo industry – today the largest producer of bamboo products worldwide. The future of bamboo’s impact on global issues is strong, thanks to great men like Wenyu Hsiung. We are grateful to him, and wish him peace.

With sincere sympathy,
Susanne Lucas
Boston, Massachusetts USA


From WBO President Michel Abadie

Professor Wenyu Hsiung was a true pioneer.

A real gift to the bamboo research in China and for the rest of the world.

His spirit and his memory will enrich the bamboo community forever.
To his family and to his country, we present our deepest sympathy and condolence.

Michel Abadie, Paris – France


From Professor Walter Liese

To the memory of Professor Dr. Wenyu Hsiung

My highly respected “older brother”- and dear friend over decades.
Tears fill my eyes realizing that you had to leave our Bamboo World.
First we have met 1980 in Beijing for negotiations with the Ministries about the participation of both Chinas in the forthcoming XVII IUFRO World Congress in Kyoto- as it was never before possible. But in Kyoto they came together- without national emblems- and study friends could embrace after decades of separation. It was my most emotional moment in life, originating from the than ironizied DDR.
Later, eleven times I was your guest and colleague, learning and lecturing, with Katrin learning chinese painting. Her diaries are my treasure. Your President Wang Mingxiu stabilized our cooperation by conferring the Concurrent Professorship of Nanjing Forestry University, and the Bamboo World honored your great merits for Bamboo by the title “World Bamboo Pioneer” at the World Congress 2012 in Antwerp.
My dear Wenyu- my thoughts will stay with you
Yours Walter Liese

Hamburg, Germany


What is World Bamboo Pioneer?

Begun at the 8th World Bamboo Congress in Bangkok, 2009, the World Bamboo Organization instituted the World Bamboo Pioneer program to identify and commemorate the legendary pioneers in the field of bamboo research. Here is an excerpt from the presentation by CEO Susanne Lucas to launch this program:

”Living creatures all around the world depend on bamboo for their survival. This includes Homo sapiens. We all know that for centuries, human cultures have cultivated and utilized bamboo for their daily needs and through innovation improved their livelihoods and economies.

On the village level, farmers and craftsmen developed techniques which were passed down from generation to generation. In more modern times, man has looked to science for solutions and progress. Through committed research, we have discovered new approaches of how bamboo as a managed resource can lead to the betterment of mankind.

Dedication, determination and collaboration are required to advance any scientific endeavor. There exists individuals whose lifelong commitment to bamboo science deserve our attention and honored recognition.”

In 2012, at the 9th World Bamboo Congress, Professor Wenyu Hsiung was awarded this prestigious recognition.

For more info, please see here.