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PARQUEBAMBU in the Amazon rainforest of Peru


We are Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible and LAN_Laboratorio Architetture Naturali, two international organizations that are working together on issues of sustainable development.

LAN is a group of architects and designers based in Italy. LAN’s work is focused on promoting self-build processes and renewing the use of hand-building construction techniques, with natural materials like bamboo, wood, straw-bale, etc.

For several years, Semillas has led the construction of various educational infrastructure projects in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, focusing on areas where most children do not have access to quality education. Currently, Semillas is leading the construction of the primary school in the indigenous community of Jerusalen de Miñaro.

We are supported by the World Bamboo Organization – WBO. The purpose of the WBO is to improve and promote bamboo, through the promotion of its use and bamboo products for the sake of the environment and economy.

The Goal

Jerusalén de Miñaro is a Nomatsiguenga native community located in the rural area of the district of Pangoa. The community lacks adequate public and educational infrastructure; the roads are in poor condition and the quality of education is low. Its inhabitants also have minimal economic resources. Another local problem is, surprisingly, the lack of timber for self-building.

The goal of this collaboration is to implement a playground with bamboo, natural, and recycled materials in the Primary School of Jerusalén de Miñaro, that will benefit over 200 children of the community. The project also aims to promote the potentialities and uses of bamboo in architecture and construction.

The Park

The park will be equipped with a play structure designed to encourage children to play imaginatively and creatively. The materials used will be bamboo, wood, and clay, all of which are found naturally in the area and are easily available.

The playground will be the result of a construction and architecture workshop involving local and international students, architects, carpenters, and artisans. Professional bamboo workers will give lectures about construction techniques and various sustainable design approaches. The project also includes a bamboo reforestation area to be used for future management of the park.

The Crowdfunding

To make Parquebambu possible, we have created a crowdfunding enriched thanks to the valuable collaboration of many illustrators from all around the world, who have donated their original creations inspired by the kaleidoscopic Peruvian culture. Their images will become the reward of your donation: postcards, posters, shopper bags, and a memory game.


In this way, this crowdfunding has become a participative system, which is an expression of the best practices and methods behind Parquebambu project: inclusion, participation and co-design.

All monies raised will go directly to facilitate the organization of the workshop and the construction of the playground.

The fundraising campaign has already started, PLEASE click here and help us build Parquebambu!