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Introducing BamBook - The Global Bamboo Resources Directory

BamBook is a joint-venture project sponsored by the World Bamboo Organization and INBAR. It is the first of its kind, and much needed!

Our hope is that this Global Bamboo Resources Directory of bamboo & rattan professionals will further promote the many benefits of these versatile plants. We envision this a very useful directory of bamboo people – a list of practitioners who are leading in their fields, a guide to who is working in specific sectors of the bamboo world, and to whom both organizations can “endorse” as being the very best in bamboo. As it evolves, it will also include the best of the major bamboo businesses - commercial companies - who sell bamboo products. 

When you open BamBook, it will appear to be a list of persons, identified first by COUNTRY, then alphabetically by name. Simply choose what country you want to search, and then click on a person's name, or the organization they represent.  

From there, you will get the contact info for each expert and a short description of their area of expertise. 

For example, in Brazil :

Araujo, Manuella Mendes
Country Brazil
Organization João Santos's Group
Phone +55 81 9234 6013
Specialization Breeding, propagation, plantation management, natural resource management - Bamboo
Application/Industry Propagation and Plantation management: Raw material production
Pulp & paper


Categories include: Architecture, Artists, Botanists, Ecologists and Taxonomists; Builders/Carpenters, Charcoal Manufacturers, Community Leaders & Entrepreneurs, Designers -Product Designers, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers; Edible Shoots, Nutrition and Pharmacology; Growers, Nurseries, Propagators; Machinery, Musicians and Musical Instrument Makers, Paper and Fiber Companies, Plantation Experts, Poles and Panels Producers, and Other Manufacturers.

BamBook contains a collective body of knowledge and experience that contributes to WBO’s global network and a series of INBAR Taskforces targeting the following development challenges:

• Assessing global bamboo and rattan resources

• Promoting bamboo and rattan in socio-economic and environmental development policies at national, regional and international levels

• Improving international trade regulations of bamboo and rattan

• Fostering adaptive research and on-the-ground innovation

• Promoting pilot studies and up-scale best-practices

• Sharing knowledge and communicating lessons learned, providing training and raising awareness

• Publicizing studies, and producing educational materials

• Connecting appropriate professionals with appropriate projects.

BamBook will help facilitate discussions between a highly-engaged global community of multi-stakeholders and promote bamboo and rattan as strategic development resources – offering solutions for sustainability, poverty alleviation, climate change, urban development, and the conservation of ecosystems.

Please note: This is a work in progress. It is a huge database and will expand & evolve to include more and more bamboo & rattan practioners as it becomes known. Please be patient with us as we develop this vital resource.

If you wish to be listed in BamBook, we will update the existing database in January 2017, and again in June 2017. Please send an email to <> with BamBook in the subject line. We will contact you with what information is required prior to adding you to the database. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of BamBook, and to keep bamboo strong!