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The Healing Touch of Bamboo - Dr. Nirmala Chongtham

Dr. Nirmala Chongtham is a world-authority on the nutritional benefits of bamboo shoots. She presented a keynote lecture at the recent 11th World Bamboo Congress in Mexico entitled "The Healing Touch of Bamboo: Soul, Mind and Body", and went on to chair the session regarding Food & Pharmacy. Not only that, she co-authored seven other papers that have been published in the official 11WBC Proceedings. All of these papers are available for free download from our website.  Nirmala has become an amazing Bamboo Ambassador workhorse, serving as Co-Chair of the 10thWBC Korea Technical Committee in 2015, and recently this past year as Co-Chair of the 11thWBC Mexico Technical Committee. Additionally, she is coordinating the next World Bamboo Workshop, which will be held in her homeland of Manipur, India in February, 2019. 

The World Bamboo Organization is grateful for people like Nirmala. People who are committing serious time and effort to understanding aspects of bamboo that will help us all as a whole, for the planet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Nirmala Chongtham.