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Thank you, Luke, Teagan and Alex & the Hillsborough High School!

Imagine my surprise to receive this wonderful letter from Luke Carlsen, from Hillsborough, New Jersey (USA):

"To whom it may concern,

Enclosed please find a donation in the amount of $540.85 from the Hillsborough Bamboo Project. We are a group of three students from Mr. Wilson's World History Honors class from Hillsborough, New Jersey. We did a project where we were tasked with addressing a problem that is being faced in the world. We have decided that we wanted to address the lack of sustainability in energy production. In our research, we discovered that bamboo is a sustainable resource that is extremely versatile. From that point, we decided that it would be our goal to raise funds and awareness about the greatness of bamboo. After raising the money through our project, we wanted to donate it to a charity that we knew could make a difference. We hope that this donation will help your organization's efforts to spread the awareness and use of bamboo around the world. 


Luke Carlsen

Teagan Hawes

Alex Gonzalez"


BRAVO! Wow, what a great thing. It's refreshing to see that school kids are concerened about topics such as sustainability and learning about bamboo! Good luck to Luke, Teagan and Alex! Perhaps they will some day become World Bamboo Ambassadors!