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WBO Partner Spotlight: Cariloha

Cariloha                                          by Lluvia Castaneda

The world of retail is growing constantly with new trends and designs all influenced by new ideas and modern lifestyle. Cariloha is a retail chain store that has been around since 2008, when they opened their first three stores in Mexico and the Caribbean. Their goal is to provide bamboo products, mostly clothing and other textiles, that are influenced by both Caribbean and Hawaii lifestyles. In fact, their name is a combination between ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Aloha’.

With Cariloha products, you get to take a piece of the tropical lifestyle with you from any one of their stores located around the world at resort destinations. But it is not just a retail company selling unique bamboo souvenirs - they have the more serious aim of using bamboo to support the environment.

Where are they located?

You will find 50 of their stores around the world throughout 14 countries at resort destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States. If you have the chance to stop into one of their retail locations, you will really enjoy the experience. Just walking into Cariloha is an experience, with a blast of of color and bamboo as part of every beautiful display. Bamboo enthusiasts will not be disappointed!

Rayon from Bamboo

The most sought-after product are the bath towels and bed sheets, considered refreshing and rendering natural luxury. As demonstrated on their website, rayon made from 100% bamboo is an efficient material because it is three degrees cooler than cotton and draws moisture away from the body. Bamboo rayon is an important replacement to traditional tree pulp rayon because as we know, bamboo is a grass that can regenerate much faster that trees, healthy for the soil, air, and environment in general. Along with great qualities, Cariloha aims to ensure the processing of bamboo is as eco-friendly as possible when breaking down fibers from bamboo culms. They have time-tested partnerships throughout the supply chain, from the bamboo plantations to the textile manufacturers in China.

Cariloha’s Future

Their goal is to open even more stores within the next ten years and one will see regular announcements of their growth through social media and advertisements. Cariloha’s plan is that their products will expand bamboo’s importance as a timber replacement and continue to help to expose bamboo as a benefit to the environment.

Cariloha: Advice to #BambooNation

Scott Brady, AVP of Communications recommends that, “…bamboo stakeholders should explore new bamboo alternatives in the development stage and keep exploring innovations in order to have a successful mission. The expansion and advocacy of bamboo based materials and products is an efficient road towards the promotion and well-being of a sustainable environment.”

Interested in an internship with a bamboo company? For those interested in international business internships, Cariloha offers opportunities. Please see here.

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World Bamboo appreciates a sincere partnership with Cariloha!