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The 10th World Bamboo Congress

The 10th World Bamboo Congress will take place in South Korea, hosted by the delegation of Damyang-gun and its County Governor, Mr. Choi Hyung-sik.

Governor Choi has made a tremendous impact on the county of Damyang, revitalizing its bamboo sector to expand its bamboo industry for modern and sustainable utilization. Twenty years ago, the bamboo markets closed in Damyang because of declining demand for bamboo products. Today, thanks to Governor Choi, the local bamboo resources are carefully maintained and managed to sustainably supply bamboo culms and shoots for emerging new markets.

Damyang county is located in the southwest corner of South Korea, in Jeollanum-do. It enjoys a southern continental climate and temperate climate forest zone with high temperatures and precipitation in summer, providing ideal conditions for bamboo growth. The county has 1,797 hectares of bamboo forest equal to 25.5% of Korea’s total bamboo habitat. It is rural and scenic, far from the hectic city of Seoul, and very much worth the travel to get there, especially if you want to see bamboo forests!

Damyang has been home to bamboo craft for about 300 years and since 2003 promotes the development of “New Bamboo Products” as a means to boost the local economy. The “Bamboo Park” in the capital town of the county attracts approx. 1.3 million visitors annually.

Not only will the 10th World Bamboo Congress take place over 5 days, 17 - 22 September in 2015 in Damyang. The city will host the “World Bamboo Fair 2015″ for six weeks, from 17 September to October 31st 2015. This expansive exposition will show ways to improve the value of bamboo on an international level under the slogan “Bamboo for a Greener Future”. It will consist of a variety of bamboo exhibition halls featuring ecology, history, science, construction and Green Development, with an anticipated audience of over 90,000 visitors! Special cultural programs, workshops, competitions, music and more will be give people of all ages and all backgrounds a reason to truly celebrate all things bamboo.

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With best regards to all of you out there in the world of bamboo,
Susanne Lucas, Executive Director WBO
Michel Abadie, President WBO