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11th World Bamboo Congress 2018


Join us August 14-18, 2018 for the 11th World Bamboo Congress. This global event will take place in the beautiful city of Xalapa, in the state of Veracruz. The host of the 11th WBC is the Bambúes y Forestales de México. The aim is to demonstrate the vast potential of bamboo in the Americas, and particularly Mexico, as well as showcase what’s happening around the world in bamboo development.



Registration Fee for Regular attendees
United States, Japan, Australia and Europe.
$400 (USD)

Latin America (except Mexico), Asia and Africa
$350 (USD)

Registration Fee for regular attendees from Mexico
$320 (USD)

Registration Price for Students
(valid school identification required)
$200 (USD)



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11th World Bamboo Congress Mexico 2018

Mexico is a country with over 50 indigenous bamboos, some with historic traditional utilization, and a country possessing climate regions suitable for intensive large-scale timber bamboo plantations. In Mexico, bamboo development is underway, with over a thousand hectares now under cultivation, proving that bamboo is positively a sustainable resource with modern-day potentials. It is creating jobs, providing homes and household products. The Mexican bamboo industry is growing!

Demand for more housing, alternative fiber, and biofuels can be met with the expansion of species-specific bamboo plantations for regional production and export opportunities. Bamboo has the ability to be a global tool and has merits as a plantation crop in Mexico, as well as elsewhere. Bamboo can improve the environment in practical ways and at the same time, bamboo can improve the welfare of a local population by providing it with income. No other plant has the ability to interrelate ecological, social and industrial functions, including the purification of the soil, water and air, the creation of a green economy via the localization of renewable products, alternative fiber and the establishment of a secure sustainable energy source. We believe the future of bamboo in Mexico is positive, and with more concentrated research on specific species and adaptability, bamboo can become a priority for ecological remediation, business investment and economic progress. These are the issues we will explore at the 11th WBC.

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Saludos y gracias,

Susanne Lucas
Executive Director WBO / Chair of International Organizing Committee

Michel Abadie
President WBO

Hormilson Cruz Chair of National Organizing Committee

Jessica Zalapa Secretariat 11th WBC