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How will I celebrate World Bamboo Day 2018?


Nine years ago, we celebrated the first World Bamboo Day in Bangkok. This great initiative was the idea of WBO President, Shri Kamesh Salam. Thanks to the Thai Royal Forestry Department, this dedicated day to honor bamboo - September 18 - is gaining momentum around the world.

How will I celebrate bamboo? In my part of the world, bamboo is not a common-day experience. However, in a nearby zoo, the Buttonwood Zoo in New Bedford, Massachusetts, there are two Asian elephants who have only known captivity. It is my genuine joy to take them fresh bamboo (and occasionally banana leaves from plants growing in my greenhouse). This Saturday, Ruth, the eldest elephant, celebrates her 60th birthday. I will be with her, among many others. And I will bring loads of bamboo to give to her and other animals living in the zoo.

Bamboo is so many things. It is food, it is fiber, it is fuel.
It is construction material, it is a landscape restoration, it is economic development. It holds hope for climate change mitigation and for our future.

Join me in celebrating World Bamboo Day this week.
We are all Ambassadors, promoting bamboo in all its benefits to the Planet. Keep Bamboo Strong. Expand your voice. #BambooisGrowing