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World Bamboo Landmark Events

Because there is so much happening around the world involving bamboo, the World Bamboo Organization is launching a new initiative : World Bamboo Landmarks.  The First World Bamboo Landmark will take place on the 6th of August, 12:00noon @ Fiestas de La Blanca Vitoria-Gasteiz in Euskadi, Spain.

Why dedicate this festival as a World Bamboo Landmark? Because there will be an amazing race, the IV Descenso Internacional de Goitiberas, consisting of 30 racers, with 3 of these racers made out of bamboo! These racers will showcase the wonders of bamboo as a 21st century material!

Michel Abadie, President of the World Bamboo Organization, Yoshihiro Yamagishi, World Bamboo Ambassador and President of 虎斑竹専門店 竹虎(TAKETORA 山岸竹材店, and Ivan Platas, bamboo enthusiast and co-creator of the world's first bamboo soapbox racer #GOYTI, will compete together promoting the use of #bamboo. Ivan presented his exciting race history at the 11th World Bamboo Congress held last year in Mexico. You can see his video here. 


The theme: Let's be strong but flexible and all work together like #bamboo, for a common good and a sustainable future!!! #NoBambooNoLife #KeepBambooStrong