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WBO and Bamboo Emporium Working Together To Promote Bamboo!

World Bamboo Organization is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Dragonfly Bamboo and its Bamboo Emporium, an online bamboo store showcasing high quality, hand-picked bamboo crafts, furniture and other unique bamboo products from around the world.

The idea for WBO to partner with a bamboo online store came about at an informal brainstorming session among World Bamboo Ambassadors during the 10th World Bamboo Congress in September of 2015.

The purpose of partnering with a bamboo online store was thought to be a possible avenue to bring much needed funds to WBO while supporting bamboo businesses. We learned of Chris Vetrano’s Bamboo Emporium several months ago. Chris, a horticulturalist by trade with a B.A. in Holistic Design, relocated to Philippines from his home state of New York in 2011. After embarking on a furniture design project for a friend in Vietnam, he discovered a deeper appreciation for bamboo when he realized how conducive the bamboo species Dendroclaimus strictus was for the type of furniture he wanted to build. Making the most of his artistic energy, he began to contemplate other creative projects using this bamboo species, such as bamboo bicycles, with the intent of creating an online bamboo store to sell his designs. However, recognizing the extensive number of other bamboo artisans and designers around the world, he ultimately decided that he would share an online space with those interested in working together, promoting their products and accepting drop shipment orders on their behalf.

Chris launched Dragonfly Bamboo and its online store, Bamboo Emporium in 2014 where one can now go to peruse and purchase these hand-picked, exceptional bamboo innovations. With our partnership, World Bamboo Organization benefits by receiving 10% of Bamboo Emporium’s profit. When we asked Chris what he really likes about bamboo he said, “Its versatility, the way it sounds when the wind blows, the way it looks, I have always loved bamboo.”

Help us keep bamboo strong! Support WBO and bamboo businesses with your purchase at the Bamboo Emporium. If you have a bamboo product that you would like to see available on the Bamboo Emporium, please email Chris at